About Us

The Merry Makers Club Inc. is the oldest social club in Columbus owned and operating in the African American community.  Founded in 1926, The Merry Makers Club has helped generations of people living in Franklin County.

Our Mission

The central mission of the Merry Makers Club Inc., is to unite in a bond of fellowship, civic minded persons of culture, patriotism and a high sense of honor.  The Merry Makers Club promotes the social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members and the community in which we live.  The Merry Makers Club raises, strengthens, and distributes permanent charitable funds to benefit Franklin County and the surrounding region.

Core Values

The key values governing the Merry Makers Club’s growth and development include the following:

  • Operating in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with members, member families, and the community.
  • A climate that encourages a close brotherhood and fraternity among the members.
  • A climate that encourages charitable contribution and social responsibility.
  • A positive image and strong influence within the community in which we live.