The oldest African-American social club in Columbus

When you donate, you are donating to The Merry Makers Foundation, dedicated to making life better for youths in Central Ohio.

A legacy of social service

Through the generosity of donors, the club has raised over $310,000, allowing many students from Columbus’ African-American community to earn degrees.

Mission Driven Service

We strive to support education initiatives and social service organizations in central Ohio.

Our Vision

Our aim is to facilitate the growth of African-American youth in our community.


We annually award scholarships through both The Ohio State University & Columbus State.

Our History

We were founded by young African-American men as a safe space in a segregated city.


Our foundation is the vehicle through which we implement a mission of charitable contribution.


The Merry Makers are looking towards new ways to positively impact the community.

“A dynamic group of high character men I’m proud to be associated with.”

Jerry Allen

Club Member